How It Works

How It Works


How does bail work?

Arrangements are made though a Bail Bonds company for the release of an inmate. A relative or a family friend contacts the bail agent, before the defendant is released, to arrange for the posting of a bail. The bail agent gets a percentage of the amount decided by the judge for that particular defendant. By signing the agreement with the bail agent regarding posting the bail, the defendant or the co-signer, who might be a relative or a family friend, must provide a guarantee that the bail amount will definitely be paid in full if the defendant fails to appear at the summons. With payment and a cosigner that meets our qualifications, the bond is then posted, and the defendant is released.

What do I need to bail someone out of jail?

There are two things that a cosigner needs to bail someone out of jail:

  1. Valid ID
  2. Pay Check Stub

A cosigner must also be a U.S. citizen and must be 21 or older.Toggle content goes here, click edit button to change this text.

How long does it take for paperwork?

Arrangements take an average of 15-30 minutes, depending on the case.

How can I pay?

Cash, Credit or Debit Card, Money Order, Western Union.

How long does it take for a person to get out of jail?

It depends on the jail. Most inmates take two (4) to six (6) hours from the time arrangements are made with the bonding company.

What are the responsibilities of a cosigner?

A cosigner, someone willing to sign for the defendant, is responsible for the following three things:

  1. To make sure the defendant makes all appearances to court
  2. To make sure the defendant notifies 1 Stop Bail Bonds with next court appearances
  3. To make sure the premium and all balances are paid (if applicable)

What are the responsibilities of a defendant?

The responsibilities of a defendant are the following:

  1. Upon being released, the defendant will have 48 hours to report to 1 Stop bail Bonds and complete the necessary paperwork. After completion, the defendant will receive upcoming court date information.
  2. The defendant must report all new court dates to 1 Stop Bail Bonds
  3. The defendant must show up to all court dates